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Colour Me

Emilie Aagreen

Inspiration for creating a new piece of jewellery can sometimes come with the rising sun, viewing an art exhibition or seeing an amazing piece of photography styling. But no matter where inspiration comes from, it always starts with colour.


Whenever I am out and about on my excursions I always have colours in mind. I mostly prefer to work within the hues of a specific colour and when putting my pieces together I always try to combine objects and stones to enhance the many hues of that colour. It's like looking onto a field of mustard flowers, it's not just yellow, there a 100's of hues of yellow or looking at a purple flower you realize it has so many hues of purple all enhancing it's overall beauty.


Taking inspiration from the many hues of colours, I try and combine those hues to create a feeling or memory when creating my jewellery pieces. So when working with the hues of blue, I add a little silver to illustrate the sparkle from the sun reflecting onto the ocean. Working with orange, I try to create the memory of the rising sun. This is also the reason why most of my pieces are sets as you can tell such a strong story through the combination of multiple hues. 


What color is your favorite memory? 


Hopefully you can create new colors of memories with your piece from A Room Copenhagen. 


Emilie Aagreen


Since I was young I have been attracted by the history of objects and materials, fascinated by the stories I imagined had been envisioned.

When I see vintage leather, lace, fur or fabric I admire and am inspired by the grantsmanship behind. The sewing, weaving techniques and ability to obtain colourful patterns using only plant extracts.

I'm always trying to read and understand the underlying messages used 20, 30 or a 100 years ago when the materials were created. What story were they trying to communicate and how can I make that applicable to a design today.

The leather I use is recycled leather from Yacht's in the South of France, primarily stripped from seats and sofas I colour, polish and sand each piece by hand to obtain the feel I look for.

The fabric, fur or lace are all vintage pieces, cut from coats, dresses, pillow cover and each jewellery decoration is either vintage or recycled, some used as found others remodelled.


Through my designs I hope to give new life to these beautiful materials and objects, so many more stories can be told.

Inspired By Colour & Structure

Emilie Aagreen


I get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere and I never leave the house without my notebook and camera. I lose track of time wandering round antique fairs, flea markets, vintage shops, second-hand shops, flower shows, exhibitions and food markets. Anywhere can provide a moment of inspiration.

The pieces in the image above were picked up at a flea market. I was really drawn to the structure and the colours. They’re organic, earthy and cool, just like Scandinavia, and they inspired me to create this collection of bracelets.


The horn beads were originally strung on indigo cotton, which made me think of the robes worn by the Tuareg people from the Sahara. It’s also the colour of the sky in my beloved Denmark. So I brought the two things together by combining the more modern-looking vintage beads with a tribal vibe.

I hope you like them, and happy inspiration hunting!